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Apply Air Blade Slide

1. Cement 2. Detergent 3. Shipping 4. Giant and floating trucks 5. Coal mines 6. Building materials Used in industry 1. Steel factories 2. Aluminum factories 3. Cement factories 4. Shipping Powder Hair 5. Coal mines 6. And

Air slide or overhead conveyor belt by creating an air layer on the conveyor surface causes the
parent material to overlap and move to the desired direction and therefore this type of conveyor is
less damp than other types. Is longer and longer lasting.
The use of air slides is very economical due to the need for non-moving equipment and is low
maintenance and therefore is very suitable in industries where conveyor replacement is difficult and

Belt Air Slide Types
Air slides will vary according to location and conditions of use in terms of sex, thickness and width.
Air conveyors are 2 to 10 mm in thickness and 250 mm in width, depending on their gender Which
can be cotton, polyester, or PP (polypropylene). Also used in different months and different
environmental conditions